This virtual webinar will provide strategies shown to be effective in broadening participation for STEM graduate students. The webinar is targeted to current and prospective NRT Principal Investigators, as well as those seeking to increase graduate student diversity in a variety of STEM fields.

The webinar is open to the public.
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The Panelists include Current NRT PIs:

Matthew Lackner, Enhancing Resiliency and Increasing Equity in the Transition to a Sustainable Energy Future (# 2021693), University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

Courtney Carothers, NRT: NNA: Tamamta (All of Us): Transforming Western and Indigenous Fisheries and Marine Sciences Together (#2022190), University of Alaska – Fairbanks.

James Sanchirico, NRT:  Sustainable Oceans:  From Policy to Science to Decisions (#1734999), University of California-Davis.