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    We are in discussion with the Graduate Council about the time-to-degree policies at our campus and the placement of graduate students on probation who exceed the 7 year mark. It would be most helpful to hear how other campuses encourage timely completion of advanced degrees while not causing any detrimental effects.

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    We do not use probation for time to degree. We have a request for a time extension process and if approved, they continue in good standing. If not approved, they have to re-take courses.

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    We also do not use probation for time to degree but use an approval process to allow continuation. Our only method of encouraging timely completion is the annual review process.

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    We have, pending approval hopefully in the coming weeks, a Continuation Fee for Ph.D. students above the 5th-year (from the 6th year on). The proposed fee would be around 450 US$ per semester (but ~250 US$ per Summer term). If approved by our Managing Council, this fee will also be subject to the student’s good standing after their annual review.

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    We don’t have probation for time-to-degree. We have a request for an extension process and if approved the student continues.

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