Partnerships with Researchers in Industry for Doctoral Education (PRIDE)

By Himanshu Jain, PI

PI Meeting Poster
Feb 29-March 1, 2024

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Use-inspired research often addresses critical societal needs more directly than traditional curiosity-driven research, and industrial research efforts are generally more closely aligned with use-inspired research. While many of the skills and competencies needed for both types of research are overlapping or complementary, graduate students may not have the opportunity to fully explore industry-related skillsets and mindsets in a traditional academic setting. Stronger collaboration between industry and academia can bridge this gap, with most institutional approaches involving a short-term industry internship.

Lehigh University tested a graduate training model that represents a student-centered, holistic approach that gave students long-term, hands-on industry experience. A key feature of the approach was early and sustained industry engagement, with industry partners involved in identification of the research question that formed the basis for the student’s thesis, mentoring, delivered professional development modules, and supervised students during a company residency (similar to medical school training).
It hypothesized that the approach would train graduate students more effectively to engage in use-inspired research and prepare them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an industrial setting.




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