Peer Review

Together, Indiana University, Columbia University, and California State San Bernardino seek to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within science by improving peer review culture and graduate students’ ability to navigate peer review.


Reviewer Zero: Changing the Culture of Peer Review to Increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The Boston University project team has created and piloted a micro-credentialing training program: Ph.D. Progression. This online training program provides students with modules, or badges, to support career & professional development during their PhD program, and helps them prepare for a post-PhD career.


PhD Progression: Creating Workforce-driven Flexible Credentials for Doctoral Students

Professional Identity Formation

Boise State University tested an educational model that supports the cultivation of STEM graduate students’ professional identities through collaboration with undergraduate education majors and elementary students in STEM learning.
The teaching and communication skills that graduate students developed through the project will be transferable to diverse career paths.

Graduate Identity Formation through Teaching

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