Deans' Dialogue on Creative Problem-Solving in STEM

Graduate deans play a key role in scaling IGE projects on campus and throughout the graduate education community. Deans Levon Esters and Ron Wolcott represented projects on their campuses at the 2023 CGS Summer Workshop so that deans from other institutions could learn about this important work.  Learn more about the projects at their institutions, Stakeholder-driven Sustainable Development Experiences for STEM Graduate Education (Penn State; PI: Rachel Brennan) and Enhancing Collaborative STEM Capacity through Creative Inquiry (University of Georgia; PI: Nathan Nibbelink), by visiting our Project Gallery.


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PhD Career Ladder Program

The Stony Brook University PhD Career Ladder Program (PCLP) is a peer-led career mentoring program for grad students and postdocs pursuing any career pathway. Peer leaders guide small groups of participants “up the ladder” of career exploration through seven bi-weekly steps. The steps roughly follow an Individual Development Plan or IDP-like structure from self-assessment and career research, to skill identification and professional development to networking and goal setting. Participant outcomes see an increase in preparedness and a sense of confidence and self-efficacy in pursuing diverse careers.

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Accelerate to Industry

North Carolina State designed a bold, new approach to workforce training for graduate students: Accelerate to Industry (A2i)™.  With A2i, graduate students can explore the ample employment opportunities with industry companies on the NC State Centennial Campus, in North Carolina, and across the US.

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