Launch of “Idea Labs” for NSF’s IGE Hub

By Kelley Karnes

Supported by the National Science Foundation and facilitated by CGS, the IGE Hub is an Innovation Acceleration Hub designed to support learning, dissemination, and collaboration among Innovation in Graduate Education (IGE) awardees and the broader STEM graduate education community.

As part of CGS’s efforts to expand the Hub and foster support of broader collaboration, communication, and impact across NSF’s IGE investments, we have launched a series of “IGE Idea Labs” that allow awardees to share their projects and expand their networks.

At a recent meeting in October, Rose Marie Ward, (PI) University of Cincinnati, previously with Miami University, and Himanshu Jain, (PI) Lehigh University, both presented on their IGE projects, sharing successes, insights, and opportunities for collaboration across campus departments….


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