Applying Cognitive Theories of Learning to Improve Graduate Training in STEM Communication

By Jill S. Huerta, PI
This program will create and deliver an innovative STEM communication graduate training curriculum that will test the hypothesis that foundational training in cognitive science theories will improve students’ ability to communicate STEM, and will lead to the development of a cutting-edge STEM communication curriculum that will be made publicly available for other institutions’ implementation. Participants in the program and students of the resulting curriculum will become better collaborators, more confident in their communication abilities, more competitive on the job market, and better equipped to impact the general public with the significance of their work.
In an interview by UNC Charlotte’s Graduate Admissions news, Huerta stated. “The ability to explain one’s work to general audiences is critical to our graduate students’ career success. Whether they’re pursuing positions in industry or academia, they’ll need to talk with those outside their fields as they interview for jobs, pitch for funding or collaborate on interdisciplinary teams. In a larger context, finding solutions to the most vexing global challenges we face demands that scientists, business leaders and policymakers understand each other’s work.”


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