Reviewer Zero: Changing the Culture of Peer Review to Increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By Mariam Aly, PI, Amanda Diekman, PI, Pablo Gomez, PI

Indiana University, Columbia University, and California State San Bernardino seek to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within science by improving peer review culture and graduate students’ ability to navigate peer review.

This project supports the innovative structure and goals of Reviewer Zero, a coalition of faculty and graduate students in psychology and neuroscience working to understand and intervene to increase equity in peer review processes. Reviewer Zero envisions a “reset” of peer review culture in which reviews serve a formative rather than gatekeeping function. This project will develop strategic programming with two audiences: the historically underrepresented graduate students most directly affected by inequitable systems of peer review, and the reviewers/editors who occupy positions of power in making peer review decisions.


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Project Team: 

Mariam Aly, Columbia University
Amanda Diekman, Indiana University
Pablo Gomez, California State University, San Bernardino