Graduate Opportunities to Learn Data Science (GOLD): Empowering Female and Underrepresented Graduate Students through Inclusive Data Science Training

By Pleuni Pennings, PI

Rorianne Rohlfs, PI (original)

While the unprecedented amount of data generated by modern scientific research leads to technological advances and scientific discoveries, it also opens opportunities to advance data science skills for the workplace. Creative and robust scientific advances necessitate a more diverse science workforce.

 San Francisco State University developed an innovative, modular approach to foster inclusive environments in which basic science graduate students can advance data science skills. These interdisciplinary skills are necessary to boost career development. Graduate Opportunities to Learn Data (GOLD) science focuses on teaching women and students from historically underrepresented groups computational and statistical skills and applying these to research projects. The certificate is comprised of 12-units, five courses and includes network support to find industry roles or PhD positions outside of SFSU.

GOLD classes are taught by faculty striving to incorporate scientific teaching techniques to improve student learning, and equity in the classroom. It was designed to provide engaging, inclusive, and relevant courses for biology and chemistry grad students and so that other universities could easily adopt its modular approach, thereby creating the potential for significant impact on graduate education. 

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