Stakeholder-Driven Sustainable Development Experiences for Enhancing STEM Graduate Education

By Rachel Brennan, PI




The need for capacity building in sustainable development and the opportunities for positive innovation have never been greater. Through technical co-design training and professional development workshops, underrepresented graduate students in STEM are prepared to embark on a 1- to 6- month international internship as part of a research team to address complex sustainable development challenges in close collaboration with local stakeholders. As a result of participating in this IGE program, the global competency of students will be increased, and they will be prepared to pursue diverse professional careers in sustainable development, with the ultimate goal of increasing the capacity of our future workforce to solve the most important environmental challenges of our time.

The Pennsylvania State University is engaging underrepresented graduate students in real-world international experiences. Students areĀ  developing creative solutions to complex sustainable development challenges as an integral part of team working in close collaboration with local communities.
Each year, a cohort of 12 graduate students advances technical, ecological, and social strategies for sustainable development in 1- to 6-month research internships at different sites around the world.

To empower them to effectively and compassionately advocate for change where it is needed most, participants also receive modular professional development training in science communication, multiculturalism, global leadership, and environmental justice. As a result, students will be better prepared to pursue diverse professional careers in sustainable development, increasing the capacity of the future workforce to solve important environmental challenges.


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