pd|hub Collections

The pd|hub Collections are one action stemming from a Stakeholder Workshop hosted by pd|hub at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus in 2019, with funding from an NSF IGE workshop grant.

STEMM PhD graduate students and postdocs have a critical need for educational interventions that support the complex, iterative developmental process of career exploration. The pd|hub Collection: Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists is an NIH-funded resource from Professional Development Hub (pd|hub) designed to support STEMM programs in addressing this need. This inaugural pd|hub Collection features curated, peer-reviewed educational models designed to guide and support PhD-level STEMM graduate students or postdocs as they learn about and evaluate a breadth of career options. The pd|hub Collection provides detailed implementation guides and expert consultations to support institutions to efficiently adapt, implement, and evaluate one of these models for ongoing use in their training programs.



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Authors: Cynthia Fuhrmann