Montana University System Summit on Supporting Graduate Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

By Natasha Chadwell, MT Tech Dr. Beverly K. Hartline, MT Tech Dr. Sarah Keller, MSU-Billings Dr. Ashby Kinch, U. Montana

IGE Project Summary:
The Mental Health Opportunities for Professional Empowerment in STEM (M-HOPES) is a collaborative project led by Montana Technological University, Montana State University Billings, and the University of Montana and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The goal of this project was to design, pilot, assess, and implement evidence-based, sustainable and replicable strategies to facilitate and enhance graduate-student mental health across all three campuses.


Past Event details 


Enhancing Community Mental Health & Wellbeing


  • Meet a grad student—Natasha Chadwell
  • HOPES overview, motivation & goals—Bev Hartline
  • Student activities—Sarah Keller
  • Grad student experience with HOPES pilot—Natasha Chadwell
  • Faculty activities—Ashby Kinch
  • Q&A and Discussion

Montana University System Summit at Montana State University Billings PDF