Transforming the Education and Training of Interdisciplinary Data Scientists (TETRIDS)

By Eric Vance, PI

PI Meeting Poster
Feb 29-March 1, 2024

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LISA is the University of Colorado Boulder’s Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA). LISA is a statistical collaboration laboratory with a goal to increase the quantity and quality of statistics and data science applied to advance high-impact research at CU Boulder and expert decision making in the community.

LISA’s mission is to:

  • Train statisticians and data scientists to become interdisciplinary collaborators
  • Provide research infrastructure to enable and accelerate quantitative research around the campus community
  • Engage with the community to improve statistical skills and literacy.

The goal of this IGE project is to evaluate how effectively the LISA program educates and trains graduate students from a variety of backgrounds to become collaborative data scientists. Specifically, this project is combining assessments of students’ technical skills, student self-evaluation surveys, LISA administrative records, domain expert feedback surveys, and independent expert evaluations of students’ projects to determine the extent to which LISA students are effective interdisciplinary data science collaborators and the degree of technical preparation in data science that is sufficient for graduate students to become effective interdisciplinary data science collaborators.

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PI Eric Vance presents on the TETRIDS project as part of the third IDEA Lab.